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basking sharks are here in great numbers


Since yesterday the basking sharks have arrived back to the Blasket Islands in great numbers. While up to now the odd individual has been spotted around Dingle Bay, there were five animals alone cruising around the moorings off the Great Blasket Island, with many more scattered all around Dingle Bay. Today there was a report of a dozen sharks just a quarter of a mile from Ventry. The fine, settled and warm weather produces a proliferation of plankton (which these giant fish feed on) and it also makes for perfect spotting conditions. As well as watching  them slowly and gracefully filter large amounts of sea water, they can also, if we're really lucky, be seen breaching, ie jumping right out of the water before coming back down with  a big splash!

Apart from the basking sharks there were also a number of minke whales- at least four to five animals - seen in and around the Blasket Islands these days - again, the settled conditions favour the sightings these days.

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