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Bottlenose dolphins in Ventry Harbour

bottlenose dolphins with juvenile

From early this morning until the end of the day about 20 bottlenose dolphins were busy feeding in Ventry Harbour. Amongst them were at least one juvenile (see photo) and one very small calf. At some stage the dolphins were feeding right at the pier in Ventry village (our departure point) and never moved too far off.

After a very quiet year last year when we didn't encounter any bottlenose dolphins around here, this year has been a bit of a bottlenose bonanza with several groups so far having visited the area. Thanks to one of our passengers, Steffen Stoekler, who was on board equipped with a fine camera, we are hoping that some of the images he obtained to  are good enough to identify individual animals and compare the ones that visited today to those that were around here throughout the year so far.

Bottlenose dolphins are inquisitive and very acrobatic animals and were milling around the boat, bowriding and leaping out of the water. With a bit of luck they will be staying close by for the next day or two.

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